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((:iconqueen-asante: :iconsaysplz: Found a new artist!

Yup ----> :iconpixell-pirates:

See ya guys around. :)

-Asante Chowdhurry))


United States
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oh hello! Um..ask a question if you want..but please be nice! My heart and body are fragile..oh! and leave a penny for a question! I want to save up for something...for Sarah.

((Rules for Asking Questions:

1. You MUST pay 1 penny.

2. Also, gender queer questions are against the rules, it's the only questions I won't answer.

Questions like:

:bulletred: Are you gay?

:bulletred: Why do you play with the girls?

:bulletred: When did you decide to come out of the closet?

:bulletred: When did you first find out you were gay?

:bulletred: Why are you gay?

:bulletred: Do you like girls or boys?

Etc. etc... I've been seeing questions like this float around quite frequently. I'd appreciate if we didn't bring up Jimmy's sexual orientation and/or gender behaviour. It doesn't really matter. So from now on these questions are off limits. ))

ATTENTION! :iconpielady4: was the old Ask Jimmy, but because she is too busy to run the account, three new artists have taken over. EDIT: :iconzeydarchist: no longer helps with running this account.

((Artist 1, Luna, handles sketching and maintaining questions; main account---> :iconlunaenigma:

Artist 2, Jessica, handles answering comments and RP's; main account ---> :iconeeneart: who used to run Ask Kev ---> :iconaskkev:

Artist 3, Asante, handles inking and colouring questions; main account---> :iconqueen-asante: who manages Ask Rolf---> :iconaskthesonofashepherd:))

Artist 4, Junie, will draw the questions (Those who handle answering questions, I guess just contact me? I'm new to this. Asante and I talked and I'm the new artist.)
----> :iconpixell-pirates:

Icon credit ---> :iconmisjudgment:

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Halo boy Jimmy.
HEY BOY jimmy do you remember the moment in my profile pic ^^
AskMsScarletLovett Mar 12, 2014  New member  Artist
h-h-hi t-t-there...
GameFreakUYA Jan 31, 2014  New member
Things Jimmy never would say for shit and giggles :giggle:

Jimmy: Yo, yo (grabs gun out) Die Mr. Yum Yum!

*with crazed look on his face* HUHUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! VIOLENCE!! I NEED MORE VIOLENCE!!!

time to own some ass(pulls out magnums)

"Dolls are for sissys."

The Knakers are ****s!

(looks like he just got drunk)- Yo boyz.... got any pot... neddles...?

(to Sarah): Yeah, b****, I'm a pothead!

((Once more, for people who do not READ, Jimmy is on permanent hiatus till further notice! This means he is taking a very very very long break!

Jimmy will not answer comments, questions or post any art until further notice!

I will continue to log on and clean out Jimmy's messages, favoruite artwork and MAYBE comment on the other Asks's questions. But mostly, Jimmy is 95% inactive.

INACTIVE. Meaning not active anymore.

Meaning his questions are closed, there will be no art updates, and he most likely will not RP anymore.


Thank you.

-Asante Chowdhurry))

People do not read, do they?))
((*le sigh*

No they do not. I even made it easy for people. I put bold sparkly letters all over the place and they STILL don't read.))
((That's the internet for you. :no:))

*give you ten pennys*


hay Jimmy  have you heard a youtuber named Djswell69?


if so whats you're favorite video of him?


If you did not notice the gigantic, sparkly, bold words that say ON HIATUS that's pasted all over my front page, I am sad to inform you that Jimmy is on a permanent hiatus till further notice.

Jimmy will not answer any comments, questions, or post any art.

Hiatus means taking a leave or a break. Jimmy is taking a long break. Jimmy is inactive from now until I figure out the future of this account.

Thank you.))
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